Cancer & Cardiac

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“Oliver went through some difficult times with cancer, major heart by-pass surgery and I thank God that he has come through it. On reflection we feel that when one goes through a turbulent health period, we must help the unfortunate who are seeking help and someone who can lend a hand. We have chosen the proceeds of the charity to go towards heart & cancer research in Ireland. The charity will also support the children who are orphaned, by their parents who died due to HIV and Aids by building a suitable orphanage and school facilities in Kenya.” Rita Shah

Shabra Charity Foundation presented €100,000 of their funds raised to The Friends of St. Luke’s Hospital at their recent Gala Dinner Dance in the Glencarn Hotel on the 19th September 2009. This money will be used to upgrade the cancer equipment at St. Luke’s Hospital which we hope will benefit their many cancer patients.

 Oliver & Rita presenting a cheque for €100,000 to St Luke's Hospital to help purchase a new cancer scanning machinery




The scanning equipment that the supporter of Shabra Charity helped purchase

“Cancer is a word that strikes fear into all of our hearts. It is a condition that is beyond our control, one when we must put our faith and trust in God and others, to keep us fighting the battle of our lives. By supporting our fundraising, you have invested in the future of cancer care and research enabling the efforts of those who strive so earnestly to treat and cure this many malevolent condition – so on behalf of all those involved in the Shabra Charity Foundation, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude, to you all for this worthy cause.” Rita Shah & Oliver Brady

With your support, in 2012 Shabra Charity Foundation donated €20,000 to Heart Cardiac Surgery & Transplant Research By Mater Misericordiae University Hospital & UCD  


Oliver & Rita presenting the cheque to the Mater Hospital



The purpose of the research

In March 2012, thanks to your continued support, Shabra Charity Foundation proudly donated €20,000 to cardiac research by Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) and the Adelaide & Meath Hospital, Dublin  

Rita & Oliver presenting €20,00 to cardiac research    Rita & Oliver presenting €20,00 to cardiac research



the purpose and importance of cardiac research

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