The Causes

The Causes are:

DNA Gene Sequencing Equipment

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"Oliver, you wanted to help the needy people in Ireland who are dying due to the lack of DNA Gene facilities as current blood tests were sent to America and Spain and taking 2 years to get the results back which was too late for young and old. Through Shabra Charity, you had promised them to supply DNA Gene testing equipment, the first in Ireland through Shabra Charity. Be assured, I promise we shall deliver this"



Cancer & Cardiac

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Children in Africa

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Cheque to St. Marys                   Cheque to St Lukes                   Cheque to Imbilim Group
 Presentation of €90,750 to Mater Hospital              Cheque to Imbilin Kenya
Presentation to Mater Hospital              Cheque to St Marys, Nairobi
                                    €20,000 presented to CRY

Eyesight Care

Shabra Charity fundraised enough to supply the OCT eye Machine to the Mater Hospital which they so desperately needed to assist in diagnosing and saving the vision of so many people in Ireland. In most cases time was of the and if the patient is not tested and diagnosed in time they will certainly lose their vision permanently.

Eyesight Care

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